Wild Spaces, Wild Magic

Face in the rock, Ludchurch

This is a project arising from Mat and my exploration of the landscapes in the work of Alan Garner. Look, if you like, at our Humanistics Perspectives Research Group,   or search “Thursbitch” in this blog. Envisioning a two-day workshop around writing and reading the landscape within their literary home, students and academics would work together to unpick the sense of place in a range of formats in the hope that an interdisciplinary exploration would open up broader pedagogical opportunities for students and staff to work alongside different subjects specialisms. The core team is based in the School of Education, but it is envisaged that it will expand across the faculty and beyond, as well as expand to include outside writers/educators.

With this in mind, we have devised a humanities-based project which explores the concept of investigating key locations within our own mythologies and their connection to the landscape and to the literature which they inhabit. This reading and writing in and of the environment will result in a transformative appreciation of the writer’s craft and how this can inform pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching across different disciplines.